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The Canadian Marconi Receiver No 52.

Developed from the No 9 and No 9 Mk I sets and originally designated No 9 Mk II, the No 52 Set was developed for Brigade / Division communications and principally used for Division rear-link command.
As with the No 9 Sets, it could be a ground station or vehicle-mounted. The principal improvements were in frequency range. The improved frequency coverage was achieved by the use of three bands. The original No 9 Set had a single band from 1.875 to 5 MHz.
The No 52 Set has  3 bands from 1.75 to 16 MHz, making this unit far more successful than the No 9 Set it replaced.
It was used from 1944 until its replacement in the 1950s by the LarkspurC11/R210.

It employs 13 valves in a super-heterodyne circuit using 12 volt indirectly heated types.

Front  panel controls include the following : -
Separate AF and RF gain, CW filter, noise limiter, BFO tone sharp and flat selectivity, speaker on-off switch (a built-in speaker was incorporated in the set and also provision for two headsets); further controls are the CW / Phone Select, crystal calibrator switch, a multi-position meter switch and meter giving an instant valve check, HT and AVC readings.
When the 52 set is used with its companion transmitter this meter also reads RF current, transmitter PA  / grid currents.

Power for the receiver came from the companion PSU (Power Unit ZE12)

This enabled the 52 set to be worked directly from the mains, without the PSU, the receiver required 150volts DC for the HT and 12 volts for the heaters.
Connections to the receiver were made at the plug on the rear chassis.

The Frequency Coverage
1.75 to 16 Mc/s in three bands.
Band 1 : -1.75 to 4 Mc/s.
Band 2 : - 3.5 to 8 Mc/s.
Band 3 : -  7 to 16 Mc/s.

Intermediate Frequency
420 kc/s.
As with the No 19 Set, ‘flick’ frequency selection is available on transmitter and receiver.

Manual and Circuit
available Details Below
As a Download

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Wireless Set 52 Receiver Marconi WS No 52.
The 52 set Receiver and Transmitter information is somewhat integrated, separating out the TX & Rx is not practical as individual pages contain reference to both.

I have a total of 31 pages Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Regulations, covering both Transmitter and Receiver.

Plus 31 pages on the Receiver only and 9 pages on the Transmitter only.

Total of 71 A4 Pages containing the following :- 

Circuits Transmitter and Receiver 
Typical meter readings. 
Component lists. 
Sender alignment. 
Receiver Alignment  RF & IF
Power Output Levels. 
Resistance charts Measurement of resistance to chassis from various points. 
Pictures of front panels 
Aerial socket parts. 
Power supplies circuit and layouts

It is comprehensive and gives all the relevant information to renovate a 52 set Transmitter and Receiver, I used this manual to renovate my 52 Sets.

The 52 Set Manual covers both the Transmitter and Receiver.
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Manual covering both the Transmitter & Receiver 71 A4 pages worldwide.

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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