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Portable Back Pack Radio Transceiver.

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The Pye Wireless Set No 62

Is a low power high frequency transceiver designed to operate from a 12 volt DC supply.
It was intended for both military and civilian purposes and could be used as a mobile or fixed station.

As a military equipment it was adopted by the British Army for use in the following roles:-
a) Un-armoured vehicle station.
b) Man-pack / animal-pack station.
c) Fixed station.

As a civil equipment it could be used as a general purpose, high frequency fixed or mobile station  by police, oil companies, postal administrations and similar authorities.
Operation of the equipment was simplified to such an extent that operators needed the minimum of instruction.
Facilities provided by the 62 set were RT and CW with provision for netting the operating frequency to a base station.

Power for a crystal calibrator and an operators lamp or remote control equipment ,can also be drawn from the equipment if required.
A remote control unit is available providing inter - communication between the transceiver and control point, as well as remote operation of the 62 set over line or cable.
Essential controls are luminised and a lamp can be supplied with special ultra violet adapter to enable the set to be used without illumination.

Manual and Circuit
available Details Below
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Two drop leads may be plugged into the equipment enabling two headsets and a morse key to be used at the same time.
The62 set was designed to work into rod aerials or into an end-fed horizontal wire aerial.
The 62 set has a frequency coverage of 1.6 to 10.0 Mc/s divided into two bands, 1.6 to 4.0 Mc/s and 4.0 to10.0 Mc/s.
In addition to normal tuning, a flick mechanism is incorporated for setting up on any two spot frequencies in the range 1.6 to 10.0 Mc/s.


Both transmitter and receiver are tuned by the same controls and are automatically on the same frequency.
The equipment is continuously tunable over the complete frequency range or can be controlled on a spot frequency.

The Wireless Set  No 62 is housed in a steel case complete with carrying harness and front cover.
It is both splash and rain-proof and will float supporting an additional weight of up to 20lb.

Manual and Circuit
available Details Below
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This fact renders it most dangerous for a man to attempt to swim with the equipment strapped to his back.
All controls and connections are mounted on the front panel.
The chassis is so designed that  when removed from its case adequate mechanical protection is afforded to all vulnerable components.
The external metal work is finished in Drab Olive and Dark Admiralty Grey.
The equipment is tropicalised and the components have been chosen to ensure efficient operation in the extreme climatic conditions encountered in tropical and arctic regions.

Range  of Working
This varies with the length of aerial used. Using a 14ft aerial, the approximate ranges  under good conditions are :-
Stationary - CW 25 miles, R/T 15 miles, Mobile- CW 20 miles, R/T 11 miles.
The weight of the 62 set is 30 lbs, (13.5kg) 

Manual and Circuit
available Details Below
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The Manual contains the following

I have a 53 page manual on the 62 set it includes all Circuits Layouts Component lists etc on various versions, plus 35 pages Working Instructions.
Total of 88 A4 Pages containing the following :-

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General Description 
Transmitter and Receiver Alignment 
Circuit Diagrams of different versions 
Layouts top and bottom 
Parts Lists 
Circuit Description 
Remote Control unit 
Inverter Assay 
Valve base pin connections 
Aerials and Settings 
Block Diagram

It is comprehensive and gives all the relevant information to renovate a 62 Set, I used this manual to renovate my 62 Set

Wireless Set 62 Radio Transmitter Receiver
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Manual 88 A4 pages worldwide : -

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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