AN/GRR-2 ANGRR2 Radio Receiver
Hallicrafters SX-28-A SX28A

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AN/GRR-2 Radio Receiver Hallicrafters SX-28-A

Radio Receiver AN/GRR-2 (Hallicrafters Model SX-28-A) is a 15-tube superheterodyne receiver covering the frequency  range of 550 kilocycles (kc/s) to 42 megacycles (mc/s) in six bands.
It is designed to receive amplitude-modulated (a-m) or keyed continuous-wave (c-w) signals.
The receiver may be operated with the internal power supply from an a-c source, or from an external d-c source.

The complete receiver weighs 78 pounds and is 16 inches deep, 20 3/4 inches wide, and 10 3/4 inches high.
Packed for shipment the set weighs 135 pounds and is 21 inches deep, 27 inches wide, and 15 inches high.

The six bands cover the following frequencies
550 kc to 1.6 mc/s 1.6 mc/s to 3.0 mc/s 3.0 mc/s to 5.8 mc/s
5.8 mc/s to 11 mc/s 11 mc/s to 21 mc/s 21 mc/s to 42 mc/s

All six bands are calibrated on the main tuning dial for direct reading, providing the band spread dial is set at 100 on the 0 to 100 scale.
The band spread knob may be used for vernier tuning on any part of the four highest frequency bands, but the scale is only calibrated for a portion of these four bands.
3.0- to 5.8-mc/s band 3,500 to 4,000 kc/s
5.8- to 11-mc/s band 7,000 to 7,300 kc/s
11- to 21-mc/s band 14,000 to 14,450 kc/s
21- to 42-mc/s band 28,000 to 30,000 kc/s

The following tubes and circuits are used in Radio Receiver
R-f amplifier JAN6AB7 (V1) JAN-6SK7 (V2)
A-v-c amplifier JAN-6B8 (V8)
A-n-l circuit JAN-6AB7 (V9) JAN-6H6 (V1O)
Mixer JAN-6SA7 (V3) 
H-f oscillator JAN-6SA7 (V4)
B-f-o circuit JAN-6J5 (V11)
A-f amplifier JAN-6SC7 (V12) JAN-6V6GT (V13) JAN-6V6GT (V14)
I-f amplifier JAN-6L7 (V5) JAN-6SK7 (V6) 
Detector JAN-6B8 (V7)
Rectifier JAN-5Z3 (V15)
This receiver may be operated from either an a-c or d-c source.
For a-c operation the line voltage must be within the limits of 110 to 125 volts at 50 to 60 cycles.
A-c power consumption is 138 watts for a 117-volt, 60-cycle supply.
For d-c operation, a 6-volt, 4.8-ampere heater supply, and a 270-volt, 150-milliampere high voltage supply are needed.
DC power consumption is 108 watts.

The power output of the push-pull audio amplifier is approximately 8 watts into a 5,000-ohm load.


The sensitivity of the receiver varies between the limits of 6 to 20 microvolts for a 500-milliwatt output over the entire range of the receiver.

The selectivity of the receiver is determined by the band pass of the i-f circuits.
The SELECTIVITY control, in conjunction with the crystal-filter circuit, provides six degrees of selectivity.
The width of the band pass is variable from a few hundred cycles at SHARP CRYSTAL position, to approximately 25 kc on BROAD I.F., at .50 percent down on the selectivity curves.

Frequency Response.
The over-all audio-frequency response with the BASS switch at the IN position, the SELECTIVITY switch at BROAD I.F., and the TONE control at 9, is flat to within 2 decibels (db) over the frequency range of 70 to 3,000 cycles.

Intermediate Frequency.
The i-f circuits are aligned to 455 kc, and the crystal filter has a natural frequency of 455 kc, plus or minus 5 kc.

AN GRR-2 1.jpg (31894 bytes)

Manual Circuit and
Operating Instructions
available Details Below
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The Manual Contains the Following :-

Weights and dimensions
Frequency coverage 
Tubes and circuits 
Power requirements 
Power output 
Normal performance characteristics 
Installation and operation.
Un packing Preparation for use Operation 
Functioning of parts.
R-f amplifier 
H-f oscillator 
I-f amplifier 
Noise limiter 
A-v-c amplifier 
Audio amplifier 
Beat-frequency oscillator
Power supply Maintenance.
Field adjustments
Trouble location chart
Voltage readings
Resistance measurements
Alignment procedure
Performance specifications
Moisture proofing and fungi proofing 
Supplementary data. Maintenance parts list  List of manufacturers

Radio Receiver AN/GRR-2 
Radio Receiver AN/GRR-2, rear chassis apron 
Radio Receiver AN/GRR-2, operating control panel.
I-f selectivity curves without crystal filter 
Crystal selectivity curves 
Effect of correct adjustment of CRYSTAL PHASING control 
Radio Receiver AN/GRR-2, block diagram 
Radio Receiver AN/GRR-2, top view of chassis 
R-f amplifier, schematic 
Mixer stage, schematic 
High-frequency oscillator, schematic 
First i-f amplifier, detector, and A.N.L., schematic
Crystal filter and second i-f amplifier, schematic
Automatic-volume-control amplifier, schematic 
A-v-c curve taken at 3 megacycles 
Audio amplifier, schematic 
Effect of TONE control on audio fidelity at BROAD I.F. and SHARP I.F. positions of SELECTIVITY control, BASS switch at IN position 
Audio frequency response with BASS switch IN and OUT, SELECTIVITY control at XTAL SHARP position 
Beat-frequency oscillator, schematic 
Power supply, schematic 
Voltage readings 
I-f aligning adjustments 
R-f and oscillator adjustments 
Radio Receiver AN/GRR-2, bottom view 
Color code chart 
Dimensional drawing 
Radio Receiver AN/GRR-2, schematic

AN GRR-2 2.jpg (28398 bytes)

Manual Circuit and
Operating Instructions
available Details Below
As a Download

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AN/GRR-2 Radio Receiver Hallicrafters SX-28-A
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.
Manual containing 75 pages including the Circuits with Component lists and layouts.

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