AVO CT160 Valve Tester

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Manual Circuit and
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AVO CT160 Valve Tester

The instrument will
(I) Check heater continuity.
(2) Measure insulation between electrodes with valve cold.
(3) Measure insulation between electrodes with valve hot.
(4) Measure cathode/heater insulation (for indirectly heated valves).
(5) Rapidly indicate whether a valve is good or bad, use being made of a coloured replace/good scale with mutual conductance as the operative parameter.
(6) Measure the mutual conductance (slope) of a valve, the applied incremental grid voltage being inversely proportional to the “slope” of the valve.
(7) Measure anode current in single and multi-anode valves.
(8) Produce sufficient data to enable static characteristic curves to be plotted on graph paper.
(9) Check rectifiers and diodes under load conditions.
(10) Measure gas current, limited to l00~A.
(11) Measure Screen Current.

The instrument is fitted with an automatic aural and visual warning device which operates if certain circuits within the instrument are inadvertently overloaded by the operator, or if a short occurs upon a valve under test.

The use of specially designed circuits, virtually eliminate the possibility of the valve under test bursting into spurious oscillation.

Power Requirements
The instrument will operate from the following 50 - 500c/s AC supplies: -  105 - 120V, 175
- 250V. (Adjustment can be made at every 5V.)

Power Consumption
50 watts, maximum.

Physical Data
Weight: 24 lbs. (approx.)
Height: 10 inches
Depth: 11 1/2 inches
Width: 15 1/2 inches

Joint Services Designation
AVO Valve Tester CT16O.

CT160 1.jpg (54093 bytes)

CT160 2.jpg (36384 bytes)

Operating Instructions and Valve Data 51 Pages


Amendment Record
Abbreviated Working Instructions for A.P.61761 “AVO” Valve Tester CT. 160
Diagram of Standard Pin Connections
Diagram of Special Valve Holders
Valve Data for Army ‘A’ Series Valves
Valve Data for Joint Services ‘CV’ Series Valves
Valve Data for Naval ‘N’ Series Valves
Valve Data for Air Force ‘V’ Series Valves
Test Data for High Voltage Rectifiers
Service Equivalents of Civilian Types

CT160 3.jpg (26200 bytes)

The Manual Hand Book contains the following : -


Principles of operation 
Basic Circuitry
The Valve Holder Panel 
General Construction 
Mains Supply 
Circuit Diagram
Component List


The Valve Panel and Selector Switch
Procedure for setting up Valve Base Connections 
Provision for new Valve Bases
The Control Unit and its Function 
14 The Mains Voltage Selector
The Circuit Selector
The Electrode Selector
The Heater Voltage Switches
The Anode and Screen Voltage Switches
The Anode Current Controls 
The Negative Grid Volts Control 
The Set mA/V Control


The connection of the instrument to a supply voltage 
Final setting of Mains Voltage Selector Panel
Insulation checks with the valve cold 
Insulation checks with the valve hot 
Cathode to Heater insulation check 
Determination of valve condition from Static Characteristic Data 
To check relative goodness of valve in conjunction with coloured comparison scale 
(a) Using recommended anode current
(b) Using recommended negative grid voltage
To check valve by direct reading of mutual conductance (mA/V) 
(a) Using recommended anode current
(b) Using recommended negative grid voltage 
To check valves having a mutual conductance less than ImA/V
Measurement of Grid Current 
Checking Power Rectifiers 
Checking Signal Diodes 
Instructions for testing specific valve types
Multiple Diodes and Rectifiers (D, DD, DDD, R, RR)
Diodes and Rectifiers combined with other electrode assemblies CDT, DDT,
Double Triodes and Double Pentodes (TT, PP)
Frequency Changers (H, TH, 0, TP) 
The use of the Links on the Valve Panel of the instrument 
Checking Tuning indicators (TI) 
Checking Gasfilled Rectifiers (OR) 
Checking Cold Cathode Rectifiers (CCR) 


Instruments to be employed 
500.c/s AC. Supply operation and its relation to Servicing 
To Check Accuracy of Instrument 
To obtain standard figures for a valve using D.C. Supplies 
Mechanical features
Removal of the instrument from its case 
Simple faults 
Relay operates and fails to clear 
Voltage Checks with no valve under test
Heater Voltages 
Anode Voltages
Screen Voltages
Calibration of the Instrument
Checking the Set mA/V Control
Checking the SET Indication 
Ia Calibration Check 
The Indicating Meter
Adjustment of Protective Relay
Servicing the Valve Holder Panel
Removal and replacement of knobs and setting of knob skirts 
Setting the mA/V Dial

Plus AVO Valve Data Manual 1968 230 Pages

Manual Circuit and
Operation Instructions
available Details Below
On Paper CD or Download
Click Here

Manual Circuit and
Operation Instructions
available Details Below
On Paper CD or Download
Click Here

AVO CT160 Valve Tester
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download on CD or Paper Copy.

Operating Instructions 51 pages and the Hand Book 51 pages Total 102 pages
Including the Circuits with component values and Layouts

Plus the AVO Valve Data Manual 1968 230 Pages
Total 332 Pages

Manual 332 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as Paper Copy on CD or as a Download

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