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The AVO Valve Characteristic Meter
The Manual Contains the Following :-

The Basic Method of characteristic checking
The Basic Method of checking diodes and rectifiers
Insulation Testing
The Safety Cut-out

The Valve Panel and Selector Switch
Procedure for setting up valve base connections
Provision for new valve bases
Method used for prevention of oscillation
Special procedure for valves having internally connected pins
Diagram of Standard base pin connections

Avo Characteristic Meter.jpg (30038 bytes)

The controls on the front panel, their functions and operations
The ‘~ Control
The Electrode Leakage Switch
The Circuit Selector Switch
The Anode and Screen Voltage Switches
The Heater Voltage Switches
The Negative Grid Voltage Control
The Press Buttons
The Set Zero Control
The Meter Selector Switch
The Set mA/V Control The Anode Selector Switch

Avo Characteristic Meter 2.jpg (23481 bytes)

The Special Adjustment Panel at the rear of the instrument

General Procedure for testing a valve
Mains voltage adjustment and panel set up—cold and hot leakage tests—mutual
characteristic checks and gas tests—diode and rectifier tests made under load.

Instructions for testing specific valve types
Multiple diodes and rectifiers—double triodes and double pentodes—combined diode
and amplifying valves—frequency changers of heptode and hexode types—frequency
changers employing separate electrode assemblies.

Avo Characteristic Meter 3.jpg (13396 bytes)

The Use of the Link on the Back Panel of the Instrument

Tuning Indicators
Gaseous Rectifiers
Cold Cathode Rectifiers
Neon Indicators

General Precautions to be observed when using the Valve Characteristic Meter 
Arrangements for the supply of additional valve data
Notes upon simple maintenance of instrument

Circuit diagram of Valve Characteristic Meter
List of Civilian Equivalents of Service Valves
Tabulated data for Valve Characteristic Meter and “AVO” Valve Tester 
Tabulated data for testing Tuning Indicators on the Valve Characteristic Meter

Notes upon using the “AVO” Valve Tester with the tabulated data 
Rectifiers Diodes
Multiple Electrode Assemblies
Frequency Changers
Testing l.4V Battery Valves

Accessories for use with the “AVO” Valve Tester
The Valve Tester Voltage Extension Unit
Valve Base Adaptors.

Plus AVO Valve Data Manual 1968 230 Pages

Manual and Circuit
available Details Below
As a Download

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AVO Valve Characteristic Meter Mk1 Mk2 Mk3 Mk 1 Mk 2 Mk 3 Mark 1 Mark 11 Mark 111
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

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Manual including circuits total of between 105 & 108 pages
Plus the AVO Valve Data Manual 1968 230 Pages
Total between 335 & 338 Pages

Manual between 335 & 338 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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