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Murphy B40 Receiver A.P.57140/A/B/C/D
Was the main unit in Receiver Outfits CDW and CAQ fitted in H.M. Ships and R.N. Shore Wireless Stations.

Five versions of this unit were in service, B40/A/B/C and D.
The B40/D was suitable for FSK.
They had five ranges, giving continuous coverage from 650 kc/s to 30 mc/s. Intermediate frequency - 500 kc/s.
This unit weighs 114 lbs-51.7kg.
The receiver is divided into three separate units as follows :-

RF Unit Stage
1 RF  Amplifier, incorporating anti-cross- modulation control and harmonic frequency feed from the BFO for  calibration purposes. Stage 2 RF Amplifier,  AGC  voltage applied.

Stage 3  Mixer
Employing a separate oscillator which can be crystal controlled.
Fine adjustment of oscillator is provided in the B40/D, the B40/D had the input circuit modified for Common Aerial Working.

Manual and Circuit
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IF Unit
A three position band-width switch allows for IF pass bands of 8 kc/s (wide) and 3 kc/s (narrow) in all units.
The third position of this switch incorporates an audio note filter (band-pass 200 c/s, center frequency 1000c/s) in the B40A; the 1 kc/s crystal band-pass filter is substituted in units B/C and D.

Power Supply
115/230volts 40/60 c/s AC. Power consumption:- 80 watts Loudspeaker :- 2.5 watts.

Ships control system
35milli watts.

14 mW.

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The B40 B40A B40B B40C B40D A B C D
A.P.57140/A/B/C/D Manual for A P. 57140 Series Receiver
Including all circuits layouts and alignment in 372 pages.

Contains the Following : - 

Part I

Chapter 1 Operating Instructions

Chapter 2 Brief Technical Description

Chapter 3 Detailed Circuit Description

Chapter 4 Receiver Pattern Differences

Part 2

Chapter 5 Dismantling the Receiver

Chapter 6 Alignment

Chapter 7 Performance Tests

Chapter 8 Repair Data for Mark 4 Plugs and Sockets

Chapter 9 Repair Data Tuning Drive Mechanism

Part 3

Illustrations Components Lists and Coil Data

Manual and Circuit
available Details Below
As a Download

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B40 B40A B40B B40C B40D A B C D AP57140 A.P.57140/A/B/C/D Manual
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

This condensed version includes circuits, component lists, layouts, alignment etc and differences for the above models all the necessary data.

Plus the B41B B41 B  A.P.57141B circuit.

Manual 372 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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