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From the days of wood and bakelite Broadcast Radio Sets, Wireless sets once the focal point in our living rooms.
 Now these Old Wireless Sets have found new homes with enthusiasts.
I have made my collection of Circuits, Manuals and Trader Service Sheets, available at low cost to help with their restoration and preservation.
These Old Radio's, form part of our history. Circuit, information to repair realign or complete renovation.
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This magnificent EKCO has push button station selection and motor driven tuning.

A Bush this time with band spread short wave using a circle of  lights on the round dial at the top and push button station selection.

This GEC 5839 has a row of preset tuners on the back, enabling switched selection of stations as well as manual tuning.

This GEC model BC5839  has what was known as a mains  powered speaker, the magnet being energized by the sets high tension supply, this removed the need for a smoothing choke.
The set covers LW MW & SW.

Broadcast 4.jpg (30489 bytes)

An unusual radio with a built in book case, live chassis long medium and short wave. Still working and in use to store video tapes.
Made by Ambassador model no 548

Broadcast 5.jpg (37508 bytes)

This sets cabinet had been renovated when I acquired it, not a bad job either, made by Ambassador model Five Fifty One.

Broadcast 6.jpg (29184 bytes)

Somewhere behind and under all those teddy bears, we have this nice old radio with magic eye tuning. I had never heard of the manufactures name before acquiring it. The name slips my memory at the moment and the thought of moving all those bears and putting them back correctly is not on. However the number on the center of the tuning scale is 838  ??

Broadcast 7.jpg (27510 bytes)

Early bakelite once we all had an extension speaker in another room, usually the kitchen

Broadcast 8.jpg (24498 bytes)

There are still a lot of this very popular set around, I have seen several versions of it with only slight differences.
Made by Bush live chassis this one is a model DAC 90.

Broadcast 9.jpg (24326 bytes)

I have Trader, ERT sheets and manufactures manuals for most Broadcast sets from the 1920's  onwards.
By post from 3.50 plus postage, or on CD & Download.

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The Olympia Radio Show 1934 on the opening day
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