Eddystone Receiver
EC10 EC10A EC10 Mk2 Mk 2 Mk11 MkII
Communications Receiver
Also close to Marconi Seaguide

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Eddystone Receiver EC10 EC10A EC10 Mk2 Mk 2 MkII Mk11
Also close to Marconi Seaguide

The Eddystone Model EC10 Mk1 & 2 is a truly transistorised single conversion communication receiver covering the frequency band 550 kc/s to 30 Mc/s in five ranges.

Provision is made for AM and CW reception and the unit is powered by a self-contained battery pack.

A total of ten transistors is employed together with three diodes one of which is a zener type which serves to stabilise the supply for the RF section of the receiver.
This arrangement helps to maintain a sensibly constant performance with failing battery voltage. Current drain has been kept to a minimum to prolong battery life.

A wide variety of aerials can be accommodated including a small telescopic rod aerial for portable operation.

An internal five inch loudspeaker is fitted and arrangements are made for using low impedance telephones where this is more convenient.

A push-pull audio output stage is employed and a selective audio filter can be introduced for CW reception under conditions of severe adjacent channel interference.

Independent RF and AF Gain controls are fitted and the other controls include separate BFO and AGC switches and a variable BFO pitch control.

The tuning drive is a geared type and is flywheel-loaded for ease of operation.
Tuning scales are some nine inches in length and are calibrated directly in terms of frequency.
Dial illumination is provided for use when necessary and is controlled by a switch on the panel.

The receiver is light in weight, has contemporary styling with compact dimensions and is housed in a strong metal cabinet.
High quality components are used in all parts of the circuit and reliable operation is assured throughout the world.

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Manual with Circuits
and Layout images
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If your set is the EC10A2/1 EC10A2/2 EC10A2/3 Click Here 

If your set is a Marconi Seaguide 
The notes below from a customer may be of assistance

Dear Allen & Alanna

Re: Eddystone EC1O Manual - Marconi Seaguide

Thanks for the Eddystone EC1O information that you sent me recently.
It was needed to repair a Marconi Seaguide which I had identified as a very close relation of the Eddystone EC1O MkII.

The following are the differences I found:

Manufacturers label: Identifies as EC1O but the serial number is suffixed with “M”.

Band Coverage: Different from standard ECIO / EC1O MkII, viz:

Range 1 8.3 - 22 Mc/s (Standard EC1O 18 - 30 Mc/s)
Range 2 3.5 - 8.5 Mc/s (Standard EC1O 8.5 - 18.0 Mc/s)
Range 3 1.1 - 3.7 Mc/s (Standard EC1O 3.5 - 8.5 Mc/s)
Range 4 550 - 1500 Kc/s (Standard EC1O 1.5 -3.5 Mc/s)
Range 5 150 - 350 Kc/s (Standard EC1O 550 - 1500 Kc/s)

Direction finding : -
The Seaguide has a direction finding facility which operates on ranges 3 and 5.
This is used via an additional front panel lever-switch marked “normal”, “DF”, and “sense”.

There are also two pots mounted on the rear panel which adjust the sensitivity of the receiver aerial when it is used as the sense aerial for the direction finding facility.

Aerial sockets : -
Are all earthed instead of floating and are marked “A1” “A2” “A2” (instead of “Al” “A2” “A3”).
Al is the normal aerial input and I assume, the two marked A2 are for the direction finding aerial.

Standby Switch : -
Not fitted on Seaguide.

The Seaguide appears to be identical to the EC1O MkII in all other respects.

Yours sincerely J McGinty

The Manual Consists of  the Following :-

Circuit Description 
Underside View (basic) 
Top View (basic) 
Component Values 
Circuit Diagram

Manual with Circuits and
Layout images Available
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Eddystone Receiver EC10 EC10A EC10 Mk2 Mk 2 Mk11 MkII
Also close to the Marconi Seaguide see notes above.

Eddystone EC10 EC10 Mk2 and EC10A Instruction Manual in 16 A4 pages
Including Circuits Component lists and two basic Layouts.
This is all there is available on these models as far as I know.

Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Manual 16 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

Thank you for your interest. Allen and Alanna G0RIT
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