Marconi Radio Site Poldhu Cove Cornwall

Pictures taken in 2005 at Marconi's Radio Site Poldhu Cove Cornwall.
I have not gone into detail about Marconi's achievements as this is covered by other sites.

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Marconi did not invent radio communications but he certainly got things going.
Marconi proved that radio signals could follow the curvature of the earth.
Below is a collection of images taken in 2005 at the site of
Marconi's Poldhu Cove Radio Station in Cornwall.

All the images below taken at Poldhu Cove Cornwall are Thumbnails.
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The Monument to Marconi
at Poldhu Cove Cornwall.
One of the Guy Wire Mounts One of the Aerial Bases

Another of the Aerial Bases Part of the Aerial System
Poldhu Amateur Radio Club
Foundations of the Marconi
Radio site Buildings

Foundations of Marconi,s
Transmitter Buildings
The Marconi Site
now a farmers field
The view towards
Newfoundland from Poldhu

The Poldhu Nursing Home
formally a Hotel in Marconi's time
A couple of oblivious horses The sunset at Mullion Cove
after our walk back home

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