Mullard High Speed Valve Tester E7600/3

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Mullard High Speed Valve Tester Manual & Circuit, Valve Card Index plus Test Card Index.

Full Manuals with Circuits available Details Below.

One of my Mullard High Speed Valve Testers E7600/3, complete with an almost full set of punched cards.

Once upon a time no self respecting radio and TV shop would be without a Mullard High Speed Valve Testers E7600/3, it was one of my first jobs as a budding engineer to test customers valves.

The general idea was to save money by fixing the fault yourself, in practice you paid 6 old pennies for the test bought a replacement valve only to find the fault was elsewhere.

I remember feeling very technical pressing those buttons, the results were displaced on a small CRT screen by the position on a dot of light. 

Mullard_Valve_tester.jpg (26930 bytes)

Old Photograph of a complete Mullard High Speed Valve Tester E7600/3 with hinged cover for the card index and a mobile table with two trays for the  punched cards.

The Mullard High Speed Valve Tester uses a  set of punched cards which  programmed the tester for a particular valve, the punched cards save the time of setting a number of switches and dials for each valve. 

A special repair service by Mullard was available throughout the country just for the High Speed Valve Tester.

The Mullard High Speed Valve Tester E7600/3 

I have the following information on the Mullard High Speed Valve Tester E7600/3.

All these three items are included in the purchase option below

The Manual which includes the circuit 38 A4 pages 

Plus 16 page test card index, 

Plus 11 pages numerical list of valves issue four 

A total of 65 pages comprising the following :-

Prices and Purchase Options Below

Testing Routine 
Terminal Block 
Indicator Scale 
Indicator Scale for Signal Diodes 
Gate Switch Mechanism 
Interior of Tester showing components 
Detailed View of resisters behind gate 
Left-hand side with cover removed 
Right hand
Adaptors for cathode ray tubes 
Adapters for certain types of valves 
Circuit Diagram 
Components and parts list 3 pages 
Test Card Index 16 pages 
Plan of test card

It is comprehensive and gives all the relevant information to renovate and operate a Mullard High Speed Valve Tester E7600/3.
I used this manual to renovate and operate my Mullard Valve Tester.

Mullard High Speed Valve Tester Manual
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Manual 64 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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