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Two home build power supplies, the top unit is 12 volts unregulated the lower 12 or 24 volts, both will run 19 set rotary generators and handle the startup  current.

To keep the volts up under different loads the mains is fed via a variac.

I used large ex computer smoothing capacitors along with nut and bolt wiring, high current diodes and hefty transformers.

Fans are fitted just in case.

Similar to above in circuit design 12 and 24 volts switch able

This unit supplies 6 volts DC and the various HT supplies required by the 1154 transmitter and 1155 receiver.

The sockets on the front panel are configured so that by using different pin connections, a 52 set Transmitter and Receiver can  be plugged in and powered up.

Terminal posts also give access to the various supplies, the meter is switch able to monitor all voltages.

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