405 Line Murphy V280AD TV For Sale Vintage 1956 35

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Vintage Murphy 405 line TV Set ( Sold )

Year Approximately 1956

13 Channel BBC1 & ITV

Collect Only but I will pack should you wish to arrange your own carrier please see below.

Collection from Mullion Cove Cornwall.

If you should wish to arrange your own carrier ?

The set weighs 41.5 Kg and with packing will weigh at a guess 60 kg, but I cannot be precise.

We will pack it very carefully, but you would have to take responsibility for any damage the carrier did.

I collect and renovate Old Broadcast Radio & Military Radio Equipment.

We also sell service data online so I do not have the time to sort this lovely old TV out.

I have plugged it in and brought the mains voltage up on a Variac, the time base whistle started but the HT was low at 150 volts.

It has a Selenium HT rectifier so a BY127 diode would be a good start : )

I will include an BRT Service Sheet for the model V280AD if required.

The cabinet is quite good but there is an area on the top where the varnish has come off.
You can see it just right of centre at the rear of the cabinet top in the picture.

Kind Regards Allen and Alanna

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405 Line Murphy TV For Sale Vintage 1956 35

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