Atari 800L Computer & 1050 Floppy Drive £75 ( Sold )

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Atari 800L Computer & 1050 Floppy Drive

Both Power supplies all Leads & Two Joysticks

28 Diskettes containing approximately 115 Games

As labelled I can only assume these games are on the disks

& six programs as Listed below

Includes 13 New looking blank Diskettes

11 Books Including the Instructions

 The Computer booted and did a self test all OK

The Disk player runs but I do not know how to load it

So I cannot guarantee it works

I started with Windows 98 : )

It looks good cosmetically

 There are scratches on metal chrome look blank above reset button.


Master Diskette 3

The Home File Manager

The Pay Off



Copy Programme



Popeye, Preppie II, Pool, Spyís Demise, Batty Builders,

Flip Flop, Demon Attack, Diamonds, Caverns of Mars, Shamms, Rosens Brigade, Loop, Ultra Dissembler.


Solo Flight, Matterhorn, Zenji, Ernieís Magic Shapes, Digger Bank, Pooyan, Ralley Speedway, Clecher King, Mountain King, ET, Star Trek,


Necromancer, Oilís Well, Poher Sam, Drelbs, Krazy Kapters, Snowball, Colossal Adventure, The Count.


Rainbow Walker, Cohens Tower, Ghost Hunters, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Slip, Encounter, Curreg C. Manor, Worms, Black Jack Casino.


Pit Fall, Moon Patrol, Apex, Myrapede, Monster Smash, Buck Rogers, Jungle Hunt, Shanus Chase, Jaw Breaker, Space Shuttle.


Cannibals, Bombastic, Moon Patrol, Stickyís Gold, Buried Bucks, CrossFire, Claim Jumper, Cater Pig, Laserant, Montyz, Grow Worm.


Bristles, Zaxxon, Thrax Lair, Shooting Arcade, Pharoes Curse, RoundUp,

Glaxion, Cosmic Tunnels, Lone Raider, First Apocalypse, Airstrip 2 Kindson Keys (E).


Trion, Matchboxes, Bug Attack, Chicken, Hickory Dickory Dock, Supercubes, Clowns & Ballons E, Tilt- Carnival, Getaway, Music Synth.


Landscape, Pacman II, Decathlon, Tennis, Anteater, Pitfall II, Smack,  Mr Robot & Factory, Shamus & 999 Lives.


Speedway Mart, Tumble Bugs, Rasta Blaster, Boulder Dash, Susage Pond, Chess, Match Racers, Froggers, Pacman, Train Music.

Pole Position, Donkey Kong, My Pacman, Pinhead, Up Up & Away, Space Invaders, Shadow Hawk, Shadow Hawk 2, Missile Command, Special Delivery,

We will pack it carefully.

By Express 24 Next day UK Delivery £24.75

Including Insurance up to £100

Or Standard Parcels 3 to 4 days £15.75

Including Insurance up to £46

Kind Regards Allen and Alanna

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Atari 800L Computer & 1050 Floppy Drive

Atari 800L Computer & 1050 Floppy Drive

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