Leak Trough Line II VHF FM Valve Tuner For Sale 104

Revised: April 23, 2016

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Leak Trough Line II VHF FM Valve Tuner 1963 Vintage ( Sold )

In very clean condition and tested in good working order

This unit is in very nice condition inside and out, please see images quite amazing for its age : )

We live in a valley with a poor FM signal, it received stations with a one foot piece of wire as an aerial with no problems.

I am 64 and worked in the Radio & TV trade starting at the age of 15.

I have done the following to the unit.

Cleaned the case, the dial, the valve bases, the volume control, AFC switch & local distance switch.

Fitted a suitable older style phono plug to the audio output lead.

I brought the unit up using a variac, this increases the mains voltage slowly to allow the electrolytic capacitors to reform.

It received stations at as low a mains as 130 volts which was 3.5 volts valve heaters, 6.3 volts is the full valve heater voltage,
this shows the Mullard Valves are well up in emission.

I took several hours to increase it to full mains voltage 230 - 240, this is the correct way to apply power to
a vintage unit if doing so for the first time in a long time.

It has been left on test for a couple of weeks with no problems.

The magic eye tuning indicator is bright and clear, it does not close much but then the signal we receive here is not strong.

The unit surprised me in fully quietening and sounding very good on such a low signal.

Looking at the wiring and the IF cores etc it has never been touched since new.

The four special rubber feet are present and in good condition.

The dial lamp is also working fine

I have not replaced any capacitors or resistors as it was working fine as it is.

I would not claim this as fully serviced, but unlike vehicles you cannot do an oil change and if it works it works.

We will pack it carefully with the respect it deserves and post World Wide, the tuner weighs 5 Kg

I have allowed another 5 Kg for packing, if the final postage costs are less we will refund any difference : )


Overseas postage cost on request

Kind Regards Allen and Alanna

  • Name: Allen G0RIT
  • Location: The Military Wireless Workshop Cornwall
  • Email:
  • The cost delivered to a UK address is : -
  • 104 plus postage UK 13.99 a total of 117 .99
  • To Purchase By Card PayPal or Cheque Please ( Sold )
  • Website: www.shopingathome.com/Military%20Wireless.htm

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Leak Trough Line II VHF FM Valve Tuner 104

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Revised: April 23, 2016