Sailor Marine SSB TX RX
Transmitter T2031 & Receiver R2022


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Sailor Marine SSB TX RX
Transmitter T2031 & Receiver R2022

A very rare item in very nice condition

Sailor Marine SSB Transmitter T2031 Receiver R2022

The Complete Station

Transmitter, Receiver, Speaker, Connection Unit, Rack
Also the Dummy Load & Hand Set

In nice condition was working the last time I used it a few years ago.

Has been dry stored in my workshop


The unit is for sale only at the asking price

Sailor Marine SSB TX RX
Transmitter T2031 & Receiver R2022

The Sailor T2031 is an all solid state construction marine 400 watt SSB duplex telephony transmitter.

It was designed to withstand the most extreme conditions experienced in small semi-open boats.

Its compact construction ensures a degree of resistance to sea spray.

The printed circuits which have made possible a combination of compactness

and exceptional performance, are coated with a special moisture-repellent lacquer.

The T2031 has a one hand antenna tuning, is fully synthesized

and the frequency stability is controlled from a crystal oscillator.

It has two microcomputers controlling the synthesizer the display and the protection circuit.

It is also provided with membrane switches for controls, easy to use, reliable and hard wearing.

Cutouts in the metal front serve as a safe finger guide, it is fitted with night illumination

and is housed in a corrosion resistant aluminum cabinet with a green nylon finish.

Modes of Operation
J3E - H3E - R3E.

Frequency Range
1600 to 4300 kHz.
It has 128 programmed frequencies, 94 operator - programmed quick-select frequencies

and a one key operation of the distress frequency 2182 kHz.

Automatic H3E mode on this frequency with a two-tone alarm, 1300 and 2200 Hz, duration of 45 sec's.

Power Supply
Nominal 24 volts DC, -10% to + 30%, can be supplied from 21.6 to 31.2 v DC.

Power Consumption
Transmitter un-keyed 24 watt, Two-tone 750 watt, J3E normal speech 350 watt.

Aerial Length
8 to 14 m.

40 lbs - 18kg .

The Sailor R2022 can be installed and operated either as an independent unit

or in combination with the above T2031 transmitter, a duplex VHF RT2047 and a scrambler CRY2001.

The R2022 is an advanced SSB coast telephony receiver which also operates on AM and FM.

It is a solid state constructed communications receiver

intended for reception of J3E, R3E, H3E, and A3E signals.

Frequency Range
1605 to 4500 kHz.

In addition it offers reception of general broadcasting frequency ranges 140 to 1605 and 87 to 108 MHz.

It has 94 user- programmed quick-select frequencies and a one key operation of the distress frequency 2182 kHz.

The R2022 has 6 scanning programmes, one standard programme containing all the

programmed quick-select frequencies and 5 user programmed scanning sequences.

The receiver is fully synthesized and has a frequency resolution of 100 Hz (10 kHz).

The frequency stability is controlled from a crystal oscillator and is almost completely

controlled by a microcomputer controlling the frequency synthesizer,

the readings from the EEPROM, the display, the scanning sequences and the simplex protection circuits.

It is fitted with night illumination.

Power Supply
10 to 32 volts DC.

Power Consumption
Approx. 20 watts.

The compact nylon treated metal cabinet contains power supply, duplex filter and receiver.

Fly-wheel tuning, quick select frequencies, keyboard controls, LCD- display

and scanning facilities make it simple and speedy to operate.

Weight of the receiver
10 lbs - 4.5 kg.

Loudspeaker H2074
Audio output is 7 watts into 8 ohms.

Antenna Dummy Load

You are welcome to arrange your own Courier
We will pack the unit for you weight

Pictures below of units for sale

It can be collected from Mullion Cove Cornwall.

You can arrange your own courier this way I am not involved in
Insurance and sorting suitable transportation costs. : )

Most Couriers will collect and deliver for you.

The weights and sizes of the unit packed are as below.

Height 23 inches or 60cm
Width 23 inches or 60cm
Depth 20 inches or 50cm

The boxed unit weighed 40kg.

 Payment is by bank transfer because of PayPal or card charges.

God Bless

Kind Regards Allen and Alanna, G0RIT

( Please See Image Below )

Sailor Marine SSB TX RX
Transmitter T2031 & Receiver R2022
For Sale

Sailor Marine SSB TX RX
Transmitter T2031 & Receiver R2022

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