Wireless Set No 38 For Sale 395 ( SOLD )
WS38 Serviced In Good Working Order in very nice condition
WS 38 Mk II Wireless Set 38 Mk 2

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WS 38 Mk 2* Wireless Set No 38 Mk II*
WWII Walkie Talkie

The exterior and interior are in a very nice clean condition : )
The radio is in good working order.

This is not one of the rusting corroded heaps sometimes found on eBay : )

The paper capacitors have been replaced by fitting new ones inside the originals.
The original capacitors are always leaky or o/c on these sets.

The rubber wiring which hardens with age has been replaced where necessary
with replacement rubber wire of the same colours.

The battery lead has been replaced, these also harden and crack.

This maintains the original appearance : )

The transmitter & receiver have been re-aligned.

The set has been connected up and used in my display / workshop.

On image 4 near the top of the case
HT & LT and some voltages have been scratched in at some time.
It is only noticeable if looked for.

I am a radio engineer of 50 years experience : )

I also have a WS38 Webbing
for sale Please Click Here

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Carriage : -

15.00 UK Next Day
Including Insurance up to 500

Europe 16.63
USA 19.73
Including Insurance up to 500

Kind Regards Allen and Alanna

WWS38 Mk 2* WS 38 Mk II Wireless Set No 38 For Sale 395
Serviced In Good
Working Order & Very Nice Cosmetic Condition

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