R209 Mk2 MkII Mk11 Receiver
Reception Set Mk 2 Mk II Mk 11 Mark 2

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Reception set R209 Mk2
The Reception set R209 Mk2 was a 10 valve high grade super  heterodyne receiver, with facilities for receiving Voice (AM or FM) and CW.

The FM facility however was not required for operational use, CFS facilities were also provided.

It was hermetically sealed, built on miniature lines and incorporated its own vibrator power supply unit driven by a 12 volt battery.

The set could have been used in the following stations : -
a) Auxiliary station to replace the reception set R109 in the WS76 station.

b) Auxiliary station to replace reception set R107 in the WS53 station.

c) Man - pack station.

d) Vehicle/animal station.

It could also be used in place of the reception set R106 and R206 in cases where lightness was of paramount importance.

Ten valves and a neon stabilizer were employed in the set, which attained high stability by means of a very rigid RF chassis and  well constructed condenser drive.

Other features of the set included a unit system of construction and employment of miniature technique throughout.

Frequency Coverage
1 to 20 Mc/s  in 4 Bands.
Band1 : - 20 to 12 Mc/s.
Band 2 : - 12.5 to 5.5 Mc/s.
Band 3 : - 5.6 to 2.3 Mc/s.
Band 4 : - 2.3 to 1.0 Mc/s.

The set provided for reception from rod, open-wire or dipole aerials, with loudspeaker and phone output.

Brief Electrical Description
The two aerial inputs fed in at 80 ohm and 1000 ohm to the RF amplifier.

A separate local oscillator was employed and this, with the mixer and RF amplifier was mounted on the chassis.


Three IF units and the discriminator unit were plugged into the IF chassis to which 460 kc/s output from the mixer was fed.

A band -width of 5 kc/s at 6db was obtained in the IF amplifier.

The limiter-discriminator unit employed a diode-pentode valve, which was also used as a detector on AM.

The beat oscillator, also a plug-in unit, was supported by the audio chassis.

The output was a self-driven push-pull stage, fed into a loudspeaker and two pairs of phones.

AVC on AM  was obtained from the detector diode load and was applied to the RF amplifier and to the 1st and 2nd IF amplifiers.

Manual and Circuit
available Details Below
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There were  three versions of the R209 all were  general purpose portable HF receivers, with the same frequency coverage of.
1 to 20 M/c/s with CW, AM, FM and  R/T.

Powered from 6V DC.
A replacement for R107/109.

Powered from 12V DC.

R209 Mk/2/B
(as picture) has a  DC/AC mains power supply operating from 12 or 24V DC and AC mains.

The R209 Mk2 receiver
I have a 57 page manual Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Regulations, it includes all Circuits Layouts Component lists etc.

57 A4 Pages containing the following
Prices below 

General Description
Electrical Description 
Mechanical Description 
Hermetic Sealing 
Technical Description 
Aerial Input 
RF Amplifier 
Local Oscillator 
IF Amplifier 
Beat Oscillator 
Output Stage 
CW Filter 
Crash Limiter 
Power Supplies 
Component List 
List of Figures 
Block Diagram 
Front Panel Layout 
Simplified Discriminator Circuit 
Audio Filter 
Circuit Diagram 
Layout Top and Bottom 
Layout IF can 
Layout Discriminator 
Layout BFO 
Layout PSU 
Layout and Circuit Diagram Crash Limiter

It is comprehensive and gives all the relevant information to renovate a R209 Mk2 Receiver.
I used this manual to renovate my R209 Mk2.

R209 Mk2 MkII Mk11 Receiver Reception Set Mk 2 Mk II Mk 11 Mark 2
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Manual 57 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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