Racal Frequency Counter Type 9024

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Racal Frequency Counter Type 9024


The Type 9024 is a compact, Lightweight Frequency Period Meter styled in the Racal 9000 series image, being slim-line and of full rack width.

It has a frequency measuring capability covering the range 10Hz to 600MHz, this is achieved using two input channels each with its own switched attenuator.

Signals in the range 10MHz to 600MHz are applied to the Channel ‘A’ input where a Pre-Scaler Assembly of advanced design provides decade division.

The Channel ‘B’ input is used when measuring frequency in the range l0Hz to 60 MHz and also for Period Measurement in the range 10 Hz to 3 MHz.

Racal 9024 Frequency Meter.jpg (13053 bytes)

The Manual Contains the Following :-





Power and Earth Connections
Removal of case
Self Check Procedure
Using an External Frequency Standard
Removal of Plug in Boards
Fuselink Data

Description of Controls

Frequency Measurement
Average Period Measurement
Operation with Active Probe
Connection of External Frequency Standard
1 MHz Output

Frequency Measurement
Period Measurement
Timebase and Control
Frequency Standard
Channel Selection

Attenuator and Pre-amplifier 1 1-0339
Attenuator 19-0620
Amplifier Divider Assembly 19-0630
Amplifier Gating Assembly 19—0379
Frequency Standard Oscillator Assembly
Timebase Divider Assembly 19—0352
Control Circuit Assembly 19—0356
Readout and Display
High Speed Decade Assembly 19—0460
Standard Readout Assembly
Power Supply Assembly
Power Switching

List of Test Equipment required
Use of Test Equipment
Power Supply Check
Performance Tests and Setting—Up Procedures

Simplified Block Diagram
Frequency Measurement
Period Measurement
Control Circuit Waveforms
Timing Waveforms H.S. Decade 19-0460
Timing Waveforms: Standard Readout Decade
Service View: Chassis Upperside



Circuit: Pre—Amplifier Assembly 
Circuit: Oscillator Assembly 
Circuit: Power Supply Assembly. 
Layout: Attenuator Assembly
Layout: Pre—Amplifier Assembly
Layout: Timebase Divider Assembly 
Circuit: Timebase Divider Assembly 
Layout: Control Circuit Assembly 
Circuit: Control Circuit Assembly 
Layout: Amplifier Gating Assembly. 
Circuit: Amplifier Gating Assembly
Layout: Power Board 
Layout: Oscillator Board
Layout: Standard Readout Assembly.
Circuit: Standard Readout Assembly
Layout: High Speed Decade Assembly
Circuit: High Speed Decade Assembly
Layout: Attenuator
Circuit: Attenuator
Layout: Remote Control Assembly 
Circuit: Remote Control Assembly 
Layout: Amplifier Divider Assembly 
Circuit: Amplifier Divider Assembly 
Layout: Motherboard Assembly 
Circuit: Interconnections Type 9024 


Racal 9024 Frequency Meter 2.jpg (49038 bytes)

Manual Circuit and
Operation Instructions
Details Below
On Paper CD or Download

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Racal Frequency Counter Type 9024
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Manuals are Available Worldwide as Paper Copy on CD or as a Download

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