Rees Mace Marine 619 619H CAT BR2169
AP 100340 100337 100338 100339 BR 2169

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Rees Mace Type 619 619H CAT BR2169 AP 100340 100337 100338 100339 BR 2169

This Marine Transmitter and Receiver outfit CAT provides general purpose amplitude modulated
HF and MF transmitters, a selective AM Receiver AP 100339 and separate Power Supply Unit.

The HF Transmitter AP 100337 has continuous tuning over 3 bands covering 1.5 to 16 Mc/s.

There is also provision for 8 crystal controlled frequencies within the same range.

HF transmitter power out put 40 watts on CW, MCW and RT.

Rees Mace 1.jpg (30091 bytes)

The MF Transmitter AP 100338 has a single range covering 330 to 550 Kc/s.

Power output 15 watts CW and MCW only.

The Receiver tunes from 60Kc/s to 31 Mc/s using single or double conversion depending on frequency in 8 bands.

The Receiver has switched selectivity and RF gain.

Rees Mace 2.jpg (35497 bytes)

Power Supply unit AP 100340 consists of two chassis mounted in a single cabinet.

These two chassis power the Transmitters and Receiver.

The power supply also houses the relays that protect the Transmitter PA valves by way
of with holding the HT supply until the bias supply circuit is completed.

Rees Mace 3.jpg (31519 bytes)

The Type 619 and Receiver out fit Cat

Was designed to operate in arctic and tropical conditions, it was widely used in NATO and other Navies.

The Equipment was suitable for all types of sea bore installations.

The HF Transmitter weighs 63 lbs (28.6kg),   AP100337

The MF Transmitter weighs 48 lbs (21.8kg)   AP100338

The Receiver outfit Cat weighs 44lbs (20kg)  AP100339

Power Supply Unit weighs 118lbs (53.6kgs)   AP100340A

Power Supply Unit weighs 25lbs (11.4kgs)     AP399015

Rees Mace 619.jpg (29902 bytes)

Manual and Circuit
available Details Below
As a Download

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The Rees Mace Type 619 Marine Transmitter and Receiver information is somewhat integrated, separating out the TX & Rx is difficult as individual pages contain reference to both.

I have the Admiralty Manual a total of 48 pages covering both Transmitter Receiver and the power supplies, this includes the circuit diagrams.
Plus 64 page covering front panel layouts alignment etc.

A Total of 112 A4 Pages containing the following :- 

Circuits Receiver
Circuits HF Transmitter
Circuits LF Transmitter
Circuits Power Supply's
Front Panel Layouts. 
Component lists. 
Sender alignment. 
Receiver Alignment 
Power Output Levels 
Pictures of front panels 
Power supplies circuit
Internal Layouts are not given in the manual

It is comprehensive and gives all the relevant information to renovate
the Rees Mace Type 619 Marine Transmitter and Receiver. 

Rees Mace Type 619 619H CAT BR2169 AP 100340 100337 100338 100339 BR 2169
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

The Racal manual contains 114 pages including Circuits & Component lists.
Manual 114 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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