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Spy Transceiver Mk III Mark 3 Mk 111

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This S.O.E. (special operations executive) set is still admired by today 's experts
for its design, workmanship and for its technical performance.

It easily handled regular communications over more than 500 miles.
Its receiver was particularly sensitive and stable.

The A Mk3 was the smallest  transceiver conceived during World War II.

 It was completely miniaturized except for the" lock-in" American tubes.

Type A Mk3 Top View Type A Mk3 Controls Type A Mk3 Bottom View

The Type A Mk III was the last step before the creation of sets with valves the size of peanuts.
Transistors would not appear until several years after the end of hostilities.

The new radio procedure, separating transmission and reception in time and space,
permitted the creation of these miniaturized sets which were used in the last part of the war.

Type A Mk3 Bottom View Type A Mk3 Side View 1 Type A Mk3 Side View 2

The A Mk3 was dropped by parachute in 2 special airtight containers called C and D.
C weighed 13 pounds and held the set itself the headset and the operating instructions.
D weighed 11 pounds and housed the accessories box
and the separate power supply for the 6-volt battery.

Coverage  : - 3.2 to 9 megacycles in two wave bands.
Blue Band 3.2 to 5.2 megacycles.
Red Band 5 to 9 megacycles.

 Power Output : - 5 watts average.
Power Supply : - 100-250 volts AC.

 It was housed in a very small suitcase measuring 13 by 9 by 4 inches.

Type A Mk3 Bottom Side View Type A Mk3 Top Side View Type A Mk3 Spares Box

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Type A Mk3 Mk 3 Spy Transceiver Mk III Mark 3 Mk 111

Type A Mk3 Spares Contents Type A Mk3 Phones Type A Mk3 Morse Key

The Type A Mk3 Suitcase Set Radio

A marvel of early miniaturization.

I have the following information consisting of 8 A4 pages from a
Short-wave magazine article dated 1948 as listed below.

Plus 13 High Resolution Images of the sets Exterior, Interior and Accessories.

Total of 21 A4 Pages Including the following : -

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General Description

Power Supplies 
Components list with all values 
Complete Circuit Diagram 
Frequency Ranges 
Operating Notes 
Image of Unit in Case 
Image of Underside and 6 volt Power Supply 
Layout of Control Panel 
It is quite comprehensive and gives all the relevant information.

The Type A Mk III Suitcase Set
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

The data consists of 8 pages
plus 13 High Resolution Images of the sets Exterior, Interior and Accessories.

The CD & Download copy will be in Colour.

If a printed copy is required it will be in Black & White as we use Mono Laser Printers.

Data 21 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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