Surplus Radio Conversion Manual Vol No 2 1948
BC-454 ARC-5 AN/APS-13 BC-457 ARC-5
ARC-5 GO-9/TBW BC-357 BC-946B BC-375 TA-12B
Transmitters and Receivers

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The Surplus Radio Conversion Manual Published in 1948 contains circuit diagrams and photographic images along with text and line drawings of conversion details for the following radios : -

Total 126 Pages

Surplus Radio Conversion Manual.jpg (21638 bytes)

The Manual Consists of  the Following : -

BC-454 or ARC-5 Receivers, Conversion to 28 Mc.

AN/APS-13 Transmitter / Receiver, to 420 Mc.

BC-457 or ARC-5 Transmitters, Conversion to 28 Mc.

Selenium-Rect. Selenium - Rectifier Power Units

ARC-5 VHF Transmitter / Receiver, Operation.

GO-9/TBW Transmitter, Conversion incl. 28 Mc/s.

BC-357 Marker Receiver, to Capacity Relay.

BC-946B Receiver, to High - Fidelity Tuner.

BC-375 Transmitter, Use with Ext. V.F.O.

TA-12B Transmitter, Conversion, also TA-12C

AN/ART-13 Transmitter, to A-C power and 28 Mc.

Coil Data Simplified Winding Charts

AVT-112A Transmitter for Light Aircraft.

AM-26/AIC Interphone Amplifier, to 9-Watt Amp.

LM Frequency Meter

Rotators Surplus Beam Rotating Mechanisms.

Power Chart Primary Power Requirements Chart

ARB Receiver, Diagram Only.

A very interesting manual produced to help with the conversion of ex-government  radios for amateur radio use. 

Though it is looked upon as a sin amongst collectors to modify a vintage radio, if the set has already been modified in the distant past, it is not going to make much difference now.

I sprayed my first 19 set white and converted it to a MW transmitted back in the late 1950's.

At least it is real radio, so many of the modern sets are operator only, the insides being a nightmare : )

Allen and Alanna G0RIT

Sample Images from the Manual


BC-454 Receiver.jpg (32240 bytes)

Fig 1 and 2.jpg (35475 bytes)

LM Frequency Meter.jpg (23975 bytes)

TA-12B Transmitter.jpg (48636 bytes)

The Surplus Radio Conversion Manual  includes Circuits Component Values and Drawings.
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Manual 126 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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