Swan 350 SSB Transceiver
Plus Swan Mk1 Grounded Grid Linear Amplifier
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Swan 350 SSB Transceiver and Linear Amplifier

The Swan Model 350 Single Sideband Transceiver together with its accessories and optional equipment, is designed to be used in either CW or SSB modes on all portions of the 80 40 20 15 and 10 meter amateur radio bands.
AM (SSB with carrier) operation is possible by zero beating the received signal.

Model 350 generates the single sideband signal by means of a crystal lattice filter, and the transceive operation automatically tunes the transmitter to the received frequency.
Provisions are included in the transceiver for operation on the most used sideband for each frequency range, and provisions for other sideband coverage are available as an optional kit.

Basic circuitry of the single conversion design has been proven in thousands of hours of operation of the popular Swan 100 and 240 series of transceivers.
Mechanical, electrical, and thermal stability are exceptionally high. All oscillators are temperature compensated and voltage regulated.
Push to talk operation is provided in all installations, and operation with a two-contact microphone is possible through use of the optional VOX accessory.

The basic transceiver provides coverage of all portions of the 80- through 15-meter bands, and one 500 kc portion of the 10-meter band.
Complete coverage of the 10-meter band is possible through the use of an optional modification kit.

With a suitable power supply, operation may be fixed, portable, or mobile. Power input on all bands exceeds 400 watts, PEP, on single sideband, and 320 watts, dc input, on CW.
The basic transceiver includes automatic gain control (AGC), automatic level control, (ALC), and grid-block CW keying.

SWAN 350 1.jpg (19427 bytes)

SWAN 350.jpg (16693 bytes)

The Manual Contains the Following :-

Part 1 of the instruction manual covers the basic transceiver. Part II covers the recommended power supplies, Model 117C for ac operation, and Model 412 for 12-volt dc operation.

Circuit Diagram Transceiver
Circuit Diagram Mains Power Supply
Circuit Diagram Battery Power Supply
Component Lists
Trouble Shooting
Circuit Description
Rear Panel Controls and Connections
Valve List

Remote Trunk Mounting
Plus Swan Mk1 Grounded Grid Linear Amplifier
Data and Circuit

Manual Circuit and
Operation Instructions
Details Below
As a Download

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Swan 350 SSB Transceiver and Linear Amplifier
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Manual containing 49 pages including the Circuit with Component values.

Manual 49 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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