TF2330 Marconi Wave Analyser

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TF2330 Marconi Wave Analyser
The TF 2330 Wave Analyser provides comprehensive measurement facilities for the analysis of the performance of devices operating within the audio and ultrasonic frequency spectrum. The amplitude of each individual frequency component of a complex signal may be determined in terms of absolute voltage or relative to a fundamental datum level in decibels or in percent.

Basically the instrument comprises a sensitive narrow band tuned voltmeter covering the range 3 p.V to 300 V. With a bandwidth of 7 c/ s it may be tuned to any frequency from 20 c/s to 50 kc/s; after initial tuning internal automatic frequency control may then be employed to lock it to the signal component to obviate continual retuning, thus ensuring accurate meter readings.

While a signal is being investigated a variable output voltage is available, having the same frequency as the signal component to which the Analyser is tuned. When the component is not harmonically connected to any other known component of the input signal, this output may be applied to an external counter for a more accurate determination of its frequency.

Another function of the instrument is to provide a convenient facility for determining frequency responses. A beat frequency oscillator, controlled by the voltmeter tuning and in step with it, provides a variable output voltage which, when set, remains constant over the whole frequency range. By applying this signal to the input of a circuit and monitoring the output with the tuned voltmeter section the response of the circuit can be rapidly ascertained.

TF 2330R is a rack mounting model which differs only in having a special case with flanges for fitting to a 19 inch rack.

An optional accessory's Tunable Rejection Filter TF 2334. This instrument has been designed primarily to extend the measuring range of wave analysers for the measurement of very low level harmonic and intermodulation components (but can also be used in conjunction with a valve voltmeter for approximate distortion factor and frequency measurements).

Wave Analyser TF2330 1.jpg (24709 bytes)

Wave Analyser TF2330 2.jpg (24415 bytes)


Working Range : 20 c/s to 50 kc/s.
Accuracy: 1%, 5 c/s.
A.F.C. : Tuning remains locked to input frequency over 100 c/s drift.

Waveform Analysis
Range : Measurements down to -75 dB with respect to any fundamental level between 30 mV and 300 V. For fundamental levels below 30 mV, the measurement range is progressively reduced.

Selective Voltage Measurement

Range : 3 ~iV to 300 V in 15 ranges of 30 p.V to 300 V f. s.d. in
1-310 sequence.

Accuracy: 5% of full scale.

34 c/s bandwidth, at least 3 dB down,
20 c/s bandwidth, at least 45 dB down,
40 c/s bandwidth, at least 63 dB down,
80 c/s and above, at least 80 dB down.

Residual hum and noise, and distortion to measured signal
at least 80 dB down.

100 k ohm on maximum attenuator settings between 30 mV and 1 V: 1 M ohm on settings between 3 and 300 V.

Range : 20 c/s to 50 kc/s.
Output : Variable up to 1 V r.rn. s. out of 600 ohm source, when meter reads f. s. d.

Range : 20 c/s to 50 kc/s.
Output : Variable up to 1 V r. in. s. out of 600 c2 source.
Response : Flat to within 0. 1 dB over frequency range, terminated or unterminated.

100 micro A into 2. 5 k ohm. Recorder input to be isolated from ground.

Any voltage between 190-260 V and 95-130 V a. c.; 45 to 1000 c/s; 4 VA. OR 18-30 V d.c. ; 60 mA; +ve earth.

Height Width Depth Weight
11 in 18.5 in 11 in 24 lb
(28 cm) (47 cm) (28 cm) (11 kg)

Shielded Adaptor, Type TB 39868 (Greenpar Type GE 51002) for converting input or output terminals to a BNC coaxial socket.
Miniature Jack Plug, Rendar Type MJP/600, for use in EXT MONITOR socket. Mains Lead, Type MIP 45001, for a.c. operation.

Wave Analyser TF2330 3.jpg (24169 bytes)

Manual Circuit and
Operation Instructions
available Details Below
As a Download

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The Manual Contains the Following :-

Data Summary

Measurement Procedures
Signal Outputs

Circuit Summary 

Removal of Case 
Access to printed circuit Boards
A. C. Mains Input Ranges
Fault Finding





Operational Summary Card

Manual Circuit and
Operation Instructions
available Details Below
As a Download

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TF2330 Marconi Wave Analyser
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

The manual contains 53 pages including Circuits Component lists and Layouts
54 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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