Telequipment Oscilloscope D67

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Telequipment D67 Oscilloscope

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The D67 is a 25 MHz, all solid state dual-trace oscilloscope. An 8 x 10 cm mesh CRT provides a bright and clear display.

The dual-trace vertical system displays either channel separately, adds channels algebraically, alternates between channels or chops between channels at 80 kHz rate.

The delayed sweep feature permits close examination of any part of a complex waveform and allows for an accurate time measurement of the input waveform.

The solid state design, using FET input circuitry, provides minimum drift and fast stabilization time.

Telequipment D67.jpg (43523 bytes)

The Manual contains the following :-

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)
Front Panel outputs
Horizontal system
Power requirements
Temperature limits
Vertical system

Operating Instructions
Controls and Connectors
Connectors, input & output
Delayed Sweep B
Horizontal display
Main Sweep A
Vertical Display Operation
Pre-operating checks

Circuit descriptions
Horizontal amplifier
Power supplies
Unblanking amplifier
Vertical Amplifier

Telequipment D67 2.jpg (43243 bytes)

Maintenance & Calibration
Access to interior
CRT removal & replacement
Location of Preset Controls

Horizontal amplifier
Initial setting
Power supply
Sweep Trigger A (Main)
Sweep A generator
Sweep Trigger B (Delayed)
Sweep B generator
Vertical amplifier

Component List

Circuit Diagrams
Block diagram
C.R.T. Circuit
Component Reference
PC No 75
PC No76
PC No 88

Power supply 
Timebase A 
Timebase B 
Trigger A 
Trigger B 
Unblanking Amplifier 
Waveform diagram 
X Amplifier 
Y input & Channel switching 
Y output & Trigger pre-amplifier

Maintenance Manual with
Circuits and
Operation Instructions
Details Below
As a Download

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Telequipment D67 Oscilloscope
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Manual including circuits 78 pages

78 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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