Thandar Oscilloscope SC110A

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Thandar SC110A Oscilloscope



Screen dimensions:- 32mmx26mm
Graticule divisions:- 5 horizontalx4 vertical (6mm)
Phosphor: - Blue-white, medium persistence
External adjustments:- Intensity, Focus, Trace Rotate

Vertical Deflection (Y input)
Bandwidth:- D.C. to 10MHz .t. 3dB at 1 div.
Coupling:- Switchable D.C., A.C. or ground
A.C. coupling 3dB at 2Hz
Sensitivity:- l0mV/div to 50 V/div in 12 ranges Calibrational accuracy 3%
Input impedance:- 1MQ in parallel with 47pF.
Maximum input:- 350V (D.C. + peak A.C.) provided
D.C. component does not exceed 250V.

Thandar SC110A Scope.jpg (18987 bytes)

Horizontal Deflection (X Input
Switch selectable
Bandwidth:- D.C. to 2MHz 6dB
Coupling:- D.C.
Sensitivity:- Approximately 0.5 volts/div.
Input impedance:- 1 M ohm in parallel with 10pF
Maximum input:- 2.5 volts, protected to 250 r.m.s. 50/60Hz

Switch selectable
Sweep times:- secs/div to 0.5 secs/div in 21 ranges
Calibrational accuracy 3%
for 0.2p secs/div to 0.5 secs/div ranges; 10% for secs/div.

Triggering Circuit
Source:- Internal or external switchable
Coupling:- A.C., D.C., TV Frame, or TV Line filtering.
Level:- Continuously variable over waveform
Slope:- + or - selectable on level control.
Sensitivity:- Less than 1 div. for internal trigger
Less than 1 volt for external trigger
Modes:- a) Bright line
Timebase free runs until synchronised by trigger circuit.

Thandar SC110A Scope 2.jpg (16966 bytes)

b) Trigger
Timebase reset with display blanked until sweep initiated by trigger circuit.

c) Economy
Instrument switches to a power saving mode with display blanked until timebase is started by trigger circuit.

d) External
As for Bright Line but with
external trigger input.

Square wave output of amplitude 1 volt pk-pk 5%. Frequency 1kHz - 30%

Power Requirements
4V to 10V D.C. via disposable cells, rechargeable cells, or AC. adaptor.

Typical Power Consumption
Bright Line - 900mW
10MHz 1300mW
Economy 350mW

Physical Details
Dimensions:- 255 x 150 x 50 mm
Weight:- 900 gms
Environmental operating range: 5 to 40C, 20% to 80% RH Environmental storage range: - 40 to 70C.

Manual and Circuit
available Details Below
As a Download

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The Manual contains the following :-


Technical Specification

Circuit Descriptions

Test and Calibration

Parts List

Component Layouts

Circuit Diagram

Thandar SC110A Oscilloscope
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Manual including circuits and Layouts 31 pages
35 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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