Time to reverse the law on same sex marriage.

This evil law passed by government all over Gods world and even sanctioned by our queen in the UK, is totally against Gods law.

She may not have had the power to stop it, but as the so called leader of the church of England, should have shown her love of the Father by refusing to have anything to do with it.

However she did not have the courage to do so and should be removed from that position.

David Cameron even said it was his proudest achievement, while at the same time professing to believe in God ?


If you dare to comment on a BBC posting anything to say same sex marriage is against Gods law, they remove it.


The BBC removed this posting reference coming out of the EU

What sort of people are running our broadcasting when they cannot face the truth and removed this posting ?

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Trade with the EU was fine, it was the opening of our country to all and sundry a lot of people voted out for.

There was no check on their morels, standards or past criminal activity.

God Bless


The timing of the virus and the law on same sex married, coincidence perhaps not, he left the Israelites to their own devises after they continually sinned.


A plague of Locusts ?