Update 24 01 2015

Virgin is dumping its ADSL customers on Talk Talk.

Despite saying that this was a follow up of an earlier email it was a lie.

I thought it was just me that had missed the earlier email but not so.

Please read the forum click on the link below : -


Just two of the many posts copied below from the link above.

Also note he is dropping his rates on instant access accounts

 in Virgin Money, the old Northern Rock.

Tesco got too big for their boots as well : )

Thanks a lot Richard Branson.

  1. Mark
    I think that itís disgusting the way that Vigin has treated itís customers. Iíve had broadband from Virgin for many years and the first I knew of the switch to TalkTalk was a week ago when I received a letter. There was no apology in the letter and no Ďthank you for your customí.
    I understand that the switch will take place this week giving me little time to sort anything else.
    I thought that Virgin were a decent company: how wrong was I!
  1. Connie
    I have received a letter today and an email tonight and been given 4 days notice of the switch over. There was no mentioning of a change of email address in either of the two. I found out through this forum. It will be a nightmare informing all and everyone of a new email address. I have been a customer since 2004 and I feel I am being slapped in the face. Iíll definitely wonít be signing up with Talk Talk. I hope the shareholders will feel the pain soon, too.


Virgin Broadband prices go up yet again.
That is twice this year alone : (

26 09 12

If Richard Branson stopped wasting so much money on Virgin Galactic,
perhaps we could enjoy a stable price as it should be in these times of low inflation.

Has Richard Branson lost touch with all the customers
who once though of him as a man of the people.

Just like the power companies we are being  milked at every chance.
How much more money do you need Richard honestly ?

Net worth: US$ 4.2 billion (2012)

The $209 million taxpayer financed spaceport, will be a launch station for
people and payloads on the rocket ships being developed for Virgin Galactic.

After these remarks I expect our broadband will go off : )

Inflation is insanity, put your price up and others will put their
 prices up and so it goes on, its crazy.

When you are worth 4.2 billion a few pounds increase
is nether here or there, but to the average guy it is different.

You cant take it with you Richard, but you could spread some love around : )