YAESU FT200 Transceiver
FT-200 Transmitter Receiver

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Yaesu FT200/250 Transceiver

The FT200/250 Transceiver covers the HF amateur bands 80 through 10 meters.It is a precision built high performance transceiver providing SSB (USB and LSB selectable), CW and AM modes of operation.

Output with a single-tone power of 240W (approx. 300W speech peak input).

High stability is obtained by use of a well designed heterodyne VFO and the specially designed 9 MC crystal filter ensures good voice quality.

Its compact size, light weight and attached carrying handle make it very suitable and convenient for both home, portable and mobile use.

Other features include VOX, 100 kc calibrator, ±5 kc receiver offset (clarifier) tuning and easy connection for use of a Linear Amplifier.

The FP-200/250 matching AC power supply with built-in speaker is especially designed for use with the Transceiver.

A 12V DC supply the DC-200/250 provides for mobile or field use.


Input power

Frequency range
3.5—4; 7—7.5; 14—14.5; 21—21,5; 28.5—29.
(crystals optionally available for ranges 28—28.5; 29—29.5
29.5—30 MC)

Antenna impedance
50-100 ohms

Frequency stability
After warm-up, within 100 cps/ every 30 minutes

Carrier suppression
-40 dB

Sideband suppression
-50 dB at 1000 cps

Third order intermodulation products
-30 dB (P.E.P.)

A.F. bandwidth
300—2700 cps

Receiver sensitivity
0.5 uV input S/N 10 dB

2.4 kc (-6 dB), 4 kc (-60 dB)

I.F. interference ratio
50 dB

Image ratio
50 dB

Audio output
1W at 10% distortion

Audio output impedance
8 ohms

Power supply
AC or DC with separate power supplies

Tubes & semiconductors
16 tubes, 15 diodes, 7 transistors

13¼” wide, 5½” high, 11” deep

17.5 lbs. (8kg)

Manual with Circuits and
Layout images Available
Details Below
As a Download

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The Instruction Manual Consists of  the Following :-

General Description 
Electrical Description 
Mechanical Description 
Technical Description 
List of Figures 
Block Diagram 
Front Panel Layout 
Layout Top and Bottom 
Layout PSU 
Main Circuit Diagram 
Power Supply Mains 
Power Supply Mobile Inverter 

The copy is good but a couple of pages of amendments are faded.
Diagrams are dark but ok.

Manual with Circuits and
Layout images Available
Details Below
As a Download

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YAESU FT200 Transceiver Transmitter Receiver
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Manual with Circuits and Layout images 38 pages
38 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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