ZC1 M2 Wireless Set
WS ZC1 MkII Mk11 MK II Mk 11 Mark 2
Transmitter Receiver

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ZC1 M2Wireless Set Transmitter Receiver
WS ZC1 MkII Mk11 MK II Mk 11 Mark 2

The ZC1 M2 Wireless Set was designed to replace the ZC1 M1 providing additional facilities particularly in connection with WT.

The set was partly tropicalised and was for use on the ground or in a vehicle.

With Amplifier RF No ZA1 MK 2 it provided longer range and air support communications."

ZC1 1.jpg (18423 bytes)

The Range of working will vary with frequency and the type of aerial used.
Typical ground wave ranges in miles which may be expected between moving vehicles are as follows.
  • RT 15 to 20 miles
  • CW 20 to 25 miles

ZC1 2.jpg (25555 bytes)

The sender and receiver are both designed to operate on any frequency between 8 mc/s and 2 mc/s in two bands.
  • HF Band 8.0 to 4.0 mc/s
  • LF Band 4.0 to 2.0 mc/s

ZC1 3.jpg (21782 bytes)

The sender output power varies between 1.6 and 2.0 watts depending on frequency and the type of aerial used.

The set is fitted for break in operation on MCW or CW. A BFO provides resolution of CW signals.

On CW and MCW  the volume control becomes an RF gain control.

Power Supply for the set is from two 6 volt 85 Ah batteries in series providing 12 volts.

Current taken as follows.

  • Receive (Sender valves off)  2.8 amps

  • Receive (sender valves on)   3.8 amps

  • Send CW                             4.4 amps

  • Send RT or MCW               4.9 amps

Manual and Circuit
available Details Below
As a Download

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ZC1 Mk 2 maintenance manual of 64 A4 pages.
Containing the following :-

General Description
Power Supply
Operation of set
Station in Truck
Ground Station
Description of Tuning Dials
Receiver operation
Receiver Flick adjustment
Crash Limiter
Sender operation (Control Station)
Sender operation (Out Station)
Netting to a Wavemeter
Break in Operation
Flick Working changing system of Transmission & Wireless Silence
Remote Control Unit
Working instructions Remote Control
Connecting Up
Operation with Two Control units
Operation one Control Unit and Exchange
Operation two Control Units and Exchange
Adjustment of Buzzer
Looking after the Set
Your Job
Connecting up the set and changing parts
Running Repairs
Tables of Switching
Selection and Use of Aerials
Table of Component Values
Station List
Weight and Dimensions
Plates (images)
General View of Set on Resilient Mountings
Mobil Station
Ground Station
Front Page
Remote Control Unit
Top View out of case
Fitting Aerial Base No 8
Erection of 32 ft Aerial
Carrying Aerial
Receiver Controls
Tuning to Zero Beat
Sender Controls
Connecting Remote Control Unit to Set
Valve Container
Complete Station in Truck
Complete Station on Ground
Schematic Remote Control Unit
Schematic Wireless Set No ZC1 Mk 2 

It is comprehensive and gives all the relevant information to renovate operate and maintain the ZC1 Mk 2 Wireless Set.

ZC1 M2Wireless Set Transmitter Receiver
WS ZC1 MkII Mk11 MK II Mk 11 Mark 2

Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Working Instructions containing 64 pages including the Circuit with Component values and a top chassis view.

64 A4 pages worldwide

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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