The Chosen People of Israel.

God chose the Israelite people to show his glory to the world.

Not because they were the large in number.

The LORD did not set His affection on you and choose you because you were more numerous than other peoples, for you were the fewest of all peoples.

God’s desire for Israel was that they would go and teach others about Him.

Israel was to be a nation of priests, prophets, and missionaries to the world.

God’s intent was for Israel to be a distinct people, a nation who pointed others towards God and His promised provision of a Redeemer, Messiah, and Saviour.

For the most part, Israel failed in this task.

However, God’s ultimate purpose for Israel—that of bringing the Messiah into the world—was fulfilled perfectly in the Person of Jesus Christ.

The Lord gave land and houses already built to the Israelites, they were to be passed down to their children not sold to make money.

Everything returned to the original owner every seven year.

We are not living as we should and look at the problems it causes.

Israel is now 2024 at war on several sides, God is not blessing you any more than he is blessing any of us.

Israel has been drawn into the same sin as a lot of other country's with same sex marriage, God forbids it.

Current status
Since Jul 7, 2022
Foreign same-sex marriages recognized only
In July 2022, the Central District Court declared marriages conducted in Israel through an online civil marriage service established by the U.S. state of Utah, including same-sex unions, as legally valid in Israel.
This decision eliminated the necessity for same-sex couples to travel abroad for marriage.
The Supreme Court upheld this ruling in 2023, this ruling allowed same sex couples to marry in Israel.

I am shocked and ashamed and disgusted that you Gods people have done this

I am also sickened by the titles given to homosexual men such as Elton John.

David Cameron is now back in the UK government, he was in power as prime minister passing that evil law on same sex marriage.

I do not believe that climate change or any of the other disasters that befall us are what we would like to think.

If we were all God people he would have made out world perfect as was his original intention