Mullion Cove

Mullion Cove & Mullion Village

A book documenting Mullion Cove and its Harbour.
Author Robert Felce Click for Details.

When visiting Mullion Cove do not drive down to the harbour.
Park in one of the two car parks and proceed on foot.
Lazy individuals are spoiling the peace and tranquillity for others including residents.
They are also a danger to families with children walking down the lane.
Ladies please wear skirts or dresses not trousers they were designed for men.
Once you all looked so lovely in summer frocks, trousers really do not suit your shape : )

Mullion Cove
Weather Station

Mullion in Bloom
Village Shops
Mullion Garage
Health Centre
Village Pubs
Cricket Club
Eating Out
Mullion Regatta
Cornish Walks

Beautiful Sunsets in
Mullion Cove Cornwall


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